care ministries

At Senoia UMC we minister to each other and those in our community, in good times and bad. We pray for each other, we look after each other, we connect to each other. SUMC has many volunteers to facilitate this ministry. 

Care Ministries

Visitor Hospitality Team

We want everyone to feel welcome, especially on their first visit. First time visitors receive a SUMC mug and some goodies, as well as a warm welcome!

Card Team

Who doesn't like to get mail that isn't a bill or sales pitch? This team sends birthday cards and other cards as they see a need.

Friendship Team

Sometimes our fellow members can't come to church. This team keeps them in the loop and loves on them. This includes cards, calls and visits.

Prayer Team

Our prayer team is on the job everyday. We print a prayer list, updated weekly, in the Narthex (the lobby in the front of the sanctuary) for anyone to pick up and pray over.  

Visitation TEAm

This team focuses on visiting folks in the hospital and in rehab. They also visit those confined to their home after surgery or illness. They are a ray of sunshine in what is often a tediously boring day.

Funeral Luncheon Team

Funerals are difficult for the family and friends. This team provides the comfort of food and fellowship as needed by the family. This may include meals sent to the home, a pre-funeral meal for the family, or a reception following a funeral. 

How can you get involved? 

Do you have an interest in serving on one of these teams? Do you want to be put on the prayer or visitation list? Please contact the Director of Programs, Barb Combs, for more information.

Mom Group

This group is for moms who have teenage and college aged kids. Do you have anxieties about where your kids are at on any given evening or weekend? Do you worry about them as they begin to drive? Are you not-so-anxiously looking towards them leaving the nest for life adventures of their own? Join up with other moms going through the same things.