Adult Education

Senoia United Methodist Church
Senoia UMC is committed to providing opportunities for adults to learn and grow in their Christian walk. Periodically we offer seasonal or short term Bible studies such as the Covenant Bible Study series. In addition we offer a variety of Sunday School Classes for adults.

 Adult Sunday School: 10am each Sunday

The Journey Class: Upstairs Education Building

From the time you enter this class, you know that you have arrived in a place where the fellowship is warm and the greetings sincere. There comes that time in your life when the kids have left, your outlook is richer and your parents, children, and their families hold a special place in your heart and lives. In the Bible study that generates from    this class, you will find that you are not alone in what you may be facing as you look to the future. This class offers that time when you seek more and take more from each of the discussions of the Bible based curriculum. The answers that you gain here may lead to a calmer time in your life where you may offer solutions, comfort and encouragement to each other.

The Joy Class: Joy Classroom (front Sanctuary)

The experiences and shared history of our church provide a valuable asset in the reflection of this class. Established in the early years of the church, this class has kept up with the ever changing world around us. Here we study the lessons of the Bible in ways that refresh the outlook we may have on the challenges that face us every day.

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