Adult Education

Senoia United Methodist Church
Senoia UMC is committed to providing opportunities for adults to learn and grow in their Christian walk. Periodically we offer seasonal or short term Bible studies. In addition we offer a variety of Sunday School Classes for adults.

 Adult Sunday School: 9:45am each Sunday

The Journey Class: Upstairs Education Building

From the time you enter this class, you know that you have arrived in a place where the fellowship is warm and the greetings sincere. This class offers  time when you seek more and take more from each of the discussions of the Bible based curriculum. The answers that you gain here may lead to a calmer time in your life where you may offer solutions, comfort and encouragement to each other.

The JOY Class: JOY Classroom (front Sanctuary)

The experiences and shared history of our church provide a valuable asset in the reflection of this class. Established in the early years of the church, this class has kept up with the ever changing world around us. Here we study the lessons of the Bible in ways that refresh the outlook we may have on the challenges that face us every day.

Special Series of Study: Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study will begin in late August. This is a comprehensive study of the Bible from the beginning of time with the creation story in Genesis, through all the Kings and prophets of the Old Testament, learning how the Old Testament foretells what is found in the New Testament. We’ll read some of the Psalms of David. Then we’ll dive into the New Testament, beginning with the Gospels and continue through the start of the Christian church as we know it today and learn how the Old Testament connects up with the New. We’ll end with The Revelation to John.  

Disciple Bible is a 34-week study, meeting weekly for 1½ hours each week. You will have “homework” of reading selected scripture, along with your study book which gives insight to that week’s lesson and space for your thoughts and questions as you study. While this may sound like a lot of effort to put in, you will reap rewards way beyond your time spent. Who is this Bible study for? Everyone! Whether you have no knowledge of the Bible at the beginning, or have some knowledge, or have read the Bible many times, it’s a guarantee you will learn something new you didn’t know beforehand. We all start at the beginning together.

United Methodism 101

Beginning Sunday, September 9, a short-term class on the United Methodist beliefs, United Methodism 101, will be held during the  Sunday School hour from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m., in the Fellowship Hall and is open to anyone interested in learning about our beliefs. Classes will be held on September 9, 16, 23, 30, and October 7, 2018.We will be talking about what it means to be a United Methodist: our history, our core beliefs, God’s grace, and our Holy sacraments. Classes will be led by Barb Combs and Pastor Natalie. Come and join us as we learn about our church and our heritage. Contact Barb Combs with  any questions.  


Spiritual Gifts

Beginning Sunday, October 14, 2018, a short series of classes will be held in the Fellowship Hall on our Spiritual Gifts. These classes will correspond with sermons that Pastor Natalie will be bringing to us.  We will be taking a written Spiritual Gifts Inventory/Test on the first Sunday. On subsequent Sundays we will explain what those spiritual gifts mean to us, and finally how we can use our spiritual gifts in our church and our life. Classes will continue on October 21 and 28. We will then determine if we need another week or so to cover everything you want to know about your spiritual gifts. You’ll be led by Pastor Natalie and Barb Combs. See either Pastor Natalie or Barb if you have any questions.


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